Confederation Europeenne de l'Immobilier European Confederation of Real Estate Agents
19 Feb 2015

CEI Conference – Trends 2009

Estate agents operating in the real estate market in Europe need to be aware of ongoing developments. The C.E.I Conference in Dublin will focus on the latest developments in European politics, technical knowledge and know-how-transfer from different countries. The EU directive on energy efficiency brought some new regulations for the real estate business. The directive has been put into national law in EU member States.

Real estate agents have a responsibility to ensure the certificate produced while renting and selling properties. However the operation of the energy savings directive is very different in the EU members countries. Members of the EU parliament and representatives of the EU commission will be invited to this international event. There will also be presentations from speakers on the legal implications of property investment in Europe against a backdrop of developments in the world of finance.

In the internet real estate market agents find more and more technical applications
and new services to improve their business. The conference will also focus on the benefits deriving from the C.E.I website, and explore the latest tendencies in the internet using and presenting some examples for real estate TV.

At the C.E.I Conference on the 22nd of May in Dublin there will be a golden opportunity to meet European Estate agents and obtain at first hand the way the real estate market is operating across Europe. With members of the EU parliament and
the EU commission the harmonisation and the development of the new EU directive on energy efficiency will be discussed.

The Irish Housing Minister, Michael Finneran, will open the conference, which
courtesy of the Minister will take place in Dublin Castle.

During the conference there will be networking hours with real estate agents from
Europe and country tables. Govenor of Irish Central Bank is invited to open the networking hours. Real estate agents from all EU members countries are invited to join the conference.

Conference fee: 120,00 Euro per person.

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